About Pins

All of our pins fall into one of two edition types: open edition and limited edition. Pins from either edition type may be placed in the pin vault, an area of the shop that is only open on special occassions. Within each collection pins are further categorized by their quality.

Enamel pins are manufactured in a multi-step process, and some of these steps are done by hand. This means that there may be variation in pins even in the same batch!

When batches of pins arrive we grade each pin and sort them into three categories: standards, B grades, and unsellables. We do not offer collector grade (guaranteed flawless) or mod grade (modifiable) pins.

Read below for details on how we grade pins and what each edition type means

Open Edition

Open edition pins are a part of our permanent collection. They will continue to be restocked until there is no demand for them at which time they will be discontinued. Sometimes open edition pins will have limited edition variants.

Limited Edition

Limited edition pins are pins that will not be restocked after they are sold out. Some designs that are limited may have variants that are offered as standard edition pins.

Standard Grade

Standard grade pins are the default option in the shop. They contain few to no noticeable imperfections that take away from the design. Some designs will utilize known effects from certain plating types, such as patina, in the design. Other imperfections that may pass for standard grade include:

-Small scuffs or scratches on metal or enamel

-Small bubbles, specks, or pores in enamel or metal surfaces

-Small differences in evenness of enamel fill

-Small misalignment in screen printed areas

-Presence of one or two incorrect glitter specs in glitter areas

-Areas of patina that can be polished away easily

B Grade

Seconds have more noticeable flaws and are only sold occasionally in the shop and always at a discounted price.
Imperfections that may include:

-Deeper scratches on metal or enamel

-Obvious imperfections on metal plating

-Multiple visible bubbles, specks, pores, etc.

-Overfill or underfill of enamel in large areas

-Areas of missing enamel that don't detract from the pin itself


Pin deemed unsellable will have flaws that entirely detract from the quality or design of the pin. This might include large areas of missing enamel, missing posts, etc. These pins are sold as clearance items at in person events